Nokia 6 specifications and thoughts

Nokia 6

For the first time ever, Nokia smart phone is powered by Android. The new smartphone Nokia 6 is coming up with android 7.0 Nougat. It consists of premium stock android. So, all you get all the updates on android quickly as soon as they release. Nokia 6 comes with Snapdragon 430 chipset, it is decent for the price tag for which the Nokia 6 comes with. It must be responsive and smooth. 

Sneak peak on the features  Since it comes with the latest version of Android 7, It has the latest features like multi-windowing, more efficient battery savers and many more. Also Nokia confirmed that it will be giving an update to Android O on Nokia 6, the next version of the OS. Stock Android doesn’t use more processing power to perform tasks. This pairs with 3GB of RAM,  it allows everyday basic tasks very fast. But when it comes to heavy gaming, it might slightly lag. And that is more for you actually pay. So, it's worth the price. 

Nokia 6 has a 16 MP rear camera with PDAF. And has an …